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Dr. Tunishai Ford
Discovering ... Your
Own Uniqueness!
I Miss the Hugs, But Not the Hurts is the first book written by Dr. Tunishai Ford that shares
with women her own personal experience with toxic and codependent relationships.  This book
will take you on a provocative journey that you will never forget. The institution of marriage,
family and our communities has been greatly impacted by this social epidemic.

I Miss the Hugs, But not the Hurts will encourage you to love yourself, respect yourself and
accept yourself.  It will challenge you to set higher goals and enhance your self-esteem.  The most
valuable benefit that this book has to offer is the enlightenment and causes behind the crisis
thousands of women across the world face.  Therefore, the advice contained within this book can
save your career, your sanity and most importantly, your very life.  From codependency to a life
"Amazing! The Most Thought Provoking &
inspirational book I have read in many
years!!  This book really changed my life!!
Thanks Dr T.
"  -  C. Phillips Det. MI.
hope never experienced before.

Dr. Tunishai Ford is a woman with strong spiritual convictions who wants to share with you her life
changing principles. This book will encourage you to never give up or give in to defeat as you journey with
her through her battle with the fourth stage of cancer. Her thought provoking & emotional story will teach
you to have the courage to forgive & let go past hurts & pains, release the toxicity or bitterness & create a
new road map for a healthy spirit, mind & body.

You will never look at sickness & other life challenges the same again. Whether you are a victim or not, you
will understand that everyone has a vital role to play.Victory is an interconnection for each & everyone of us
to succeed. So prepare to be encouraged, healed, strengthened & uplifted. Allow
to literally transform your life.
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The Spirit in You is a collection of spiritual anecdotes that will challenge you to grow and experience God’s
unlimited blessings in every area of your life by accomplishing all that God desires for you through your gifts,
talents, and ministries
Taking Control of Your Life from the Inside Out is a book that is
motivational and informative in the areas of improving your personal life
and work habits. It has a workbook that goes with the book and a
workshop in which Dr. Tunishai Ford touches on topics in the areas of
health and wellness, self improvement, job productivity and more.
Business Associations,Corporations
and Organizations!
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"It has been an immeasurable resource of support,
understanding of what to expect and the
importance of strong faith and forgiveness during
my 13 year old daughter's battle with a rare bone
cancer. The book was a gift to me. I never would
have expected the book to be about Dr Ford's own,
very personal, battle with cancer as a teacher and
single mother. My wife and I  find ourselves picking
it up and re-reading chapters randomly for her
experiences, inspirational words,  and lessons on
spiritual growth." - Robert Moore, Macomb Twp,
Eight Keys to Fulfillment on Your Job and Every
Area of Your Life. This book will help you
reexamine and redirect your priorities and
challenge you to step out into uncharted territory."
- Mother Cranford, Detroit, Michigan
The Spirit in You is a very inspirational and entertaining
situation you could go through in this life!  Dr. T shares the
testimonies of people as well as her own victories.  She
triumphs.  This book is an inspiration and a big plus to
have in your library! - Ann C., Trenton, Michigan.