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Acknowledge you are in a toxic relationship.

The first step to healing and becoming whole is acknowledging that there is an issue. You cannot
solve a problem, if you truly do not know you have one. Some people actually think that having
drama in their lives is normal. In fact, they would be bored, if there was nothing dramatic going on in
their lives. Being mistreated and disrespected is what they are accustomed to and because they have
never had anyone show them anything differently, it becomes an addiction; when you have spent
most of your lives going from one bad relationship to another, it’s like you are a magnet for misery.
You have a sickness and you need help. Say it out loud---“I have a sickness and I need help”.
Acknowledge you are in a toxic relationship and you want out. This has to be a constant affirmation.
I want to also point out that toxicity does not discriminate. It is assumed that low income people are
the only ones impacted by this plight; not true. This plight does not discriminate. Your education,
economical status nor profession has little effect on being caught up in this epidemic. As long as
relationships exist, and they will, toxic relationships will always be a problem that will plague our

Now perhaps you do not recognize that you are in a toxic relationship and you need some of the
characteristics to be identified. Allow me to identify some of the major characteristics of a toxic

•        Mistreatment---comes in the form of physical, mental and emotional abuse?
•        Manipulation---negative persuasion to perform behavior that is uncomfortable for you.
•        Unfaithfulness---he or she are with multiple sexual partners.
•        Non-committal---he or she has no intention of a committed long term relationship (marriage).
•        Unattached---no desire to form a relationship with the children and other family members.
•        Alienation---prohibiting you from having a relationship with your friends and family members.
•        Addictions---alcohol, drugs, sex, etc.

These are the most prevalent signs of a toxic relationship. If you can identify these characteristic in
the relationship you are presently in, run, do not walk. Get out of this relationship. I would also
strongly suggest you purchase my book, “I Miss the Hugs, but Not the Hurts.” The book is about
coming out of toxic and co-depend relationships. It teaches you how to be restored, recover and
discover yourself after co-dependency. The book is mainly for the women, but men have gleaned
from the knowledge as well.

Once you have acknowledged that you are in a toxic relationship by the characteristics I have
identified above, then you must change your mindset to begin the healing process. You have to
desire more out of your life and expect it, not only from yourself but also from others. How do you
expect to give your employer your best performance, if your life is constantly in a ball of confusion
and turmoil? Unless you were on this planet by yourself, you can expect to interact with other
people. My mother taught me a very profound lesson. She would tell me this all the time and drilled
it into my head. She said, “You cannot pick your relatives, but thank God, you can pick your
friends”. To further the lesson, I say that you may not be able to help who you fall in love with, but
you can certainly help who you stay in love with. Again, the choice is yours. If you want to continue
to carry the weasel, then that is your choice. But you can make a wise choice and that is, trust that
you deserve better in your relationships and expect it.

(From the chapter entitled, "Key#1: Free Yourself from Toxic Relationships").

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