Dr. Tunishai Ford
Discovering ... Your Own
Highlights of the Y.O.U., Inc. Christmas Banquet
End of the Year Celebration
Dr. Tunishai Ford began with a presentation explaining further about the
S.T.E.P.U.P. Program which excited everyone there.
Then came the giveaways and the great gift auction that Apostle Connie conducted and
everyone enjoyed.  Wonderful gifts were auctioned away at wonderful prices.
After having a great buffet
with great food, Monique
and Her daugther, Melina
sung such an inspiring song
that everyone enjoyed.
As you can see the Christmas
Banquet End of the Year
Celebration was well
attended and a great success!
Don't miss the next
Y.O.U., Inc.
Quarterly Event on
Human Trafficking
on the second
Saturday of March
in 2018.
Look for details at
a later date.