Dr. Tunishai Ford
Discovering ... Your
Own Uniqueness!
A Message from Dr. Tunishai Ford
of Your Own Uniqueness, Inc.
He began to show me how His precious creation hurt and often times become bitter and is riddled with resentment
and lack of hope. He said,” Many of them just go through the motion of day to day activities with no sense of
direction or purpose. They are just taking up space on this earth slowly committing a slow suicide by abusing their
bodies, subjecting themselves to abusive relationships, and overwhelming themselves with burdens that are not
theirs to carry. When it is all said and done, you have a woman that is broken, bitter and unfulfilled.”

He also said, “This was never what I intended for my precious creation. Like the caterpillar, I made them to toil
and go through a journey that leads to perfection, perfection of purpose, and to fulfill the destinies that I have
ordained for them since the foundation of creation. Observe the caterpillar and see how it goes through its
metamorphosis; I ordained it. Just like I created it to thrive and become a beautiful creature for the world to be in
awe of, I created the woman to go through a metamorphosis for the world to admire and appreciate her splendor
and glorious mandate. I created the journey, but the cares of the world creates a diversion that many do not know
how to avoid or even get around, therefore, never experiencing my best for them.

He concluded by saying, “But tell them this, I have sent a remnant; I have raised up a star who will shine bright
even when life is in its darkest state because she too has gone through this transformation. It’s my ministry of
restoration, recovery and discovery; it’s my ministry of “Transformation”. I created it because I love my creation—
the woman, and there is a special place I hold dear for her in my heart. Be assured that you will reach your
destination and fulfill your destiny if you would allow my ministerial gift to touch your life, and your journey will lead
to that place of greatness that I have ordained, and you will.... Discover your own uniqueness.”
I want to share a profound revelation with you all that God gave me. One day, when I was walking the
grounds with the president of our condo association, and a contractor who may be possibly doing our
road work; I observed a caterpillar crawling on the ground. I began to think about the logo God gave
me for the ministry that He has entrusted to me; the logo of a butterfly and swan. Because the ministry’
s mission is to empower and influence women to transform their lives in spirit, mind and body, He gave
me the name for the ministry called “Your Own Uniqueness” and the logo symbolizes ---
Transformation. As I observed that caterpillar, I thought to myself, I hope that caterpillar reaches its
destination without any hindrances and is allowed to go through its transformation in order to become
that beautiful butterfly that God intended for it to become.

Just then, God began to speak to me in that still quiet voice. He said, “Look at that caterpillar and
observe how it toils to reach its destination, not knowing whether or not it will get there. It is in danger
of someone stepping on it, someone picking it up and throwing it away or someone suffocating it by
placing it in a jar to keep it in captivity.” He continued to explain to me, “This is the plight of many of
His precious women, who were born to be beautiful, vibrant, and productive, fulfilled human beings.
Women who have destinies to fulfill but because they were trampled on, thrown away through rejection
and held captive by the cares of this world, they may never reached their full potential. They may die in
that caterpillar state, which is their beginning and never becoming that finish product”.