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"I loved Dr. T's books, "I Miss the Hugs, But NOT the Hurts" which kept me from going back into a very bad relationship.  I also realized I had to
make some changes when I read, "This is a Comma in Your Life, NOT a Period."  Last, I enjoyed "The Spirit in You" and "Taking Control of Your
Life".  Her books helped me and encouraged me through some very trying times in my life!"
-- A. L. of Detroit, Michigan.
Saturday was a bless day for mother and I said, "I am even more ready to be true to thy own self and not ashamed of being on what God done for
me…" I had a bless time meeting a Dr.Tunishia Ford who was one of the speakers for this event, her main purpose was to speak to us from her
book she wrote “Taking Control of Your Life from the Inside Out” She gives Eight Keys to Fulfillment on your job and every Area of your lifted. Ford
is awesome she was struck down with a illness, and what the devil meant for evil God turn it around for his good. From a wheel chair, walker and
cane, she stand today and tell the goodness of God and what he done for her…Dr. Ford let us know that we live in a society where most people
have a microwave mentality, she let us know many want it fast where it’s authentic. Taking Control of your Life from the Inside Out, Eight Keys to
Fulfillment on Your Job and Every Area of Your Life. This book will help you reexamine and redirect your priorities and challenge you to step out into
uncharted territory. To order this book today on ww w.drtford. com Hey if you can at a small price 13 or 14.00 contact her she is a blessing, so many
of us are really down and it is time to get up and keep on moving. Love to all of you, yes it deals with God and his business…..
Love Mother
Cranford of Detroit, Michigan.
year old daughter's battle with a rare bone cancer. The book was a gift to me. I never would have expected the book to be about Dr Ford's own,
very personal, battle with cancer as a teacher and single mother. My wife and I  find ourselves picking it up and re-reading chapters randomly for her
experiences, inspirational words,  and lessons on spiritual growth." - Robert Moore, Macomb Twp, Michigan.