Participant Application

Let's Get Started Check List it Summer Program Application Deadline: June 26, 2023

Hello applicant!
Are you ready to be a CEO of your very own business? Are you ready to turn your talents and passions into a real business? If you answered, "yes to these two questions, then you are a perfect candidate for this program. Before you get started, carefully read the seven simple application instructions/steps below.

Step 1. Talk to your parent or guardian about the STEP UP program. You’ll need permission if you are a minor to participate. Specific student and parent/guardian contact information is required to complete the application.

Step 2. Prepare answers to two of the following four questions (approximately 200 words or LESS for each answer):

1. What is your business idea? Please describe.

2. If you are currently in the process of launching your own business or social movement, please describe.

3. What person in business inspires you? Please describe.

4. Why do you think you would make a good candidate for the STEP UP program? (Please use the box below the application for your answer.)

Step 3: Prepare a brief essay (approximately 300 words or LESS) on the following topic:
Describe a situation when you demonstrated at least two of the following characteristics of successful entrepreneurs: persistence, inquisitiveness, self-confidence, tolerance for failure, creativity, innovation, personal initiative, competitiveness, commitment, strong management and organizational skills. (Please use box below the application for your answer.)
* We recommend that you type your responses and save them on your computer before copying and pasting into this application.

Step 4: List any Medical conditions or allergies that you may have or if you need accommodations.
​*Special Note: Please make sure you have completed numbers 1 through 4. Please complete Steps 2 and 3 in the boxes indicated below the application. If you would like to send a video of your responses, please send through the email address