What they will learn during the 10-week program:

1. Learn and understand certain buzzwords of the business world.

2. Learn the different types of business structures, etc. sole proprietorship.

3. Business Etiquette/ Having integrity in business dealings.

4. Dressing for success/learn their individual business image.

5. Creative ways to market and promote their businesses.

6. Learning about legal forms and insurance. ex., liability insurance.

7. Developing and writing a realistic business plan.

8. Learn how to pitch their business to potential funders.

9. Developing the total person to succeed in business.

10. The importance of personal financial stability.

11. Becoming familiar with business tax forms.

12. Understanding financial statements.

13. Understanding the business relationship with a bank or credit union.

14. The importance of having good credit/ what is a credit score and why is it important.

15. The difference between a non-profit business and non-profit 501c3 status.

What we want to accomplish through the STEP-UP program:

1. Have a clear and concise vision of their business ideas.

2. Have a working knowledge of the components to start, run, and sustain their businesses.

3. Learn how to complete legal business documents, ex., DBA, EIN #.

4. Develop a complete and realistic business plan.

5. Learn how to pitch their business ideas to potential funders.

6. Build self-confidence and be assured that they have the tools to live their dreams.