Dear Viewer,

I would like to welcome you to The Dr. Tunishai Ford Show website. If you will, I would like to tell you a
little about myself and my show.  In the past 25 years of my life, I have been compelled to help others to
reach their full potential and walk in their purposes by overcoming obstacles that would hinder them from
doing so. I know it is my divine mandate to help people raise a standard of life and walk in it. I too had to
experience horrific pitfalls in order to realize the seriousness of this assignment. This is why I was inspired
to write,
This is a Comma in Your Life, Not a Period and I Miss the Hugs, but Not the Hurts. Both non-
fiction, provocative and powerful testimonies compel such a response for change. Both books were self-
published in 2008 with Xlibris Publisher.

I was a guest on Glen Plumber Live, In A Heartbeat with Liz Aiken out of Grosse Pointe, Michigan,
WMUZ radio and WJLB radio with Dr. Deborah Smith-Pollard (Dr. Deb) as well as several other local
television and radio programs. The Detroit News-Free Press and the News Herald  were two of many local
newspapers that featured my story around my ministry and books.  I have conduct many workshops,
conferences, and seminars for churches, educational institutions and businesses (U of M Ann Arbor’s
Women of Color Conference and Monroe Bank and Trust’s Health Awareness workshop to name a few). I
have also traveled and ministered internationally; a youth rally in Lagos, Nigeria. My vision is to have a
television program that will empower, inspire and motivate social change just as my books and other
opportunities have allowed me.  As you can see from the show topics listed on my home page, I intend to
do just that.

The Sponsor and Commerial packages we offer are tailored to your advertising needs and priced
reasonably.  Also, we allow you to share with us your show ideas as well as an opportunity to be a guest on
one of our upcoming shows.  Please feel free to take advantage of any of these opportunites.  I hope you
will enjoy the different shows aired and we look forward to your responses.  I want to hear from you


Dr. Tunishai A. Ford
Dr. Tunishai Ford