Your Own Uniqueness Y.O.U.
Dr. Tunishai Ford

                   Your Own Uniqueness, Inc.
501c3 nonprofit organization

Your Own Uniqueness, Inc.
is a community service organization formed exclusively for
charitable and/ or educational reasons.  The purpose of the organization is to provide
services that enhance, empower, and improve the quality of life.  The organization was
created to help individuals and families develop a lifestyle that will ultimately encourage
people to become stabilized, anchored, and well-rounded members of society.  

Your Own Uniqueness, Inc. is committed to the enhancement of Detroit metropolitan
communities by providing hope, healing, and support to individuals, groups, families,
organizations and churches through the sharing of faith-based principles and alternative
life skills.  Services include but are not limited to self-esteem, motivation, counseling,
training, life skills and resource development.  The organization will be responsible for
developing resources and curriculums that will be utilized by program participants.

Your Own Uniqueness, Inc. proposes to act as a "positive" support system that offers
structured plans of resolution along with planned tactics that can be implemented as
avenues for improving the quality of life.  Services will be promoted through the media,
advertisement, mailings, etc.  After establishing a "positive" track record, the organization
plans to expand services.

All strategies, programs and projects of the organization are coordinated, monitored and
evaluated by the Board of Directors of
Your Own Uniqueness, Inc.  Programs, projects
and activities will be supervised and implemented by the Chief Administrator who will be
required to have extensive experience, certification and specialized knowledge in the
human services field, i.e., social services, counseling, youth/family programming, and
community development.  All services are provided utilizing the highest degree of
professional standards.

The mission of
Your Own Uniqueness, Inc. is to enrich the lives of the broken hearted, the
down-trodden and those without hope.

*  Enrichment Seminars
*  Financial Seminars
*  Premartal Seminars/ Workshops
*  Guidelines for Single Parenting
*  Image Workshops
*  Spiritual Awareness
*  Mental and Physical Health
*  Health and Wellness Workshops
*  Projecting and Building Your Future
*  Overcoming Your Fears and Failures
*  Conflict Resolution
*  Relationship Enrichment/ "I Miss the Hugs, But NOT the Hurts"
*  Employee Enrichment Seminar/ "Taking Control of Your Life"
based on the book.
*  Parent and Youth workshops
*  Workshops for Women and Female Youth -
Alternative Lifestyle Choices.

Note:  All workshops can be altered to suit the needs of the business,
organization, or ministry.
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Your Own Uniqueness, Inc.  thrives because of
the support from generous supporters, members
and sponsors like you. We encourage you to
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Inc. and help empower the women and girls in
the greater Detroit and surrounding communites.

All donations are tax deductible to the full extent
of the law. Tax ID #38-3549458.