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Own Uniqueness!
Your Own Uniqueness, Inc.
The  STEP UP Program
To our donors, we are asking you to seed into our youth to help them realize
their dream of owning their own businesses. We realize the concept is not
unique and this program will have some of the similar components as other
youth entrepreneur programs, but it will also possess many components that
will make it a unique program, therefore making it stand out above the rest.
We are not asking for a hand out, we are asking you to give so that we may
inspire and help our young participants to
step up and reach their goals of
becoming the future business leaders in our communities. All of you
remember your beginning and all the hard work it entailed. You may have
been like so many who had no one to really help them realize their dreams.
Let this be your passion. Help us help these young people by getting
Donate now.
Your Generous Donation will be used for the following:

•        Supplying each participant with a start-up business kit
•        Supply each participant with Tee-shirts with the program logo and sponsors
•        Supply learning materials such as notebook, paper, pens, etc.
•        Provide manuals exclusively for the STEP-UP program
•        Pay for each participant’s legal forms that would help them start their businesses.
•        Become a sponsor for a participant who cannot afford the registration fee ($35.00)

NOTE:  2020 STEP UP will be a VIRTUAL classroom because of COVID-19.  
All donations are tax deductible to the full
extent of the law. Tax ID #38-3549458.