Dr. Tunishai Ford
Discovering ... Your Own
Highlights of the Y.O.U., Inc. March 2018
"It Is Time!" Event
Dr. Tunishai Ford began with a "Call To Action" to
come together in helping with The STEP UP Program.
As you can see the March
Event was well attended and
a great success!
We had a  great food.
Ms. Angela Hammond gave a presentation about Coop Crowd
Funding, a new way to raise money for your organization or cause.
Our featured speaker, Dr. Nancy Bondsford  was phenomenal in
her presentation, "It Is Time!"
Last, but not least, Melina and
her mother, Ms. Monique
blessed us with a double treat
when they sung a beautiful song
at the end of the program.
Guest soloist Ms. Susan Taylor
presented us with such
an inspiring song.
There was a raffle for a beautiful Vera
Bradley purse set as well as a Vera Bradley
giveaway for a number of wristlets.
Apostle Connie
designs our center pieces and provides
delicious drinks and desserts along with
other things.  We appreciate you!!!
Don't miss the Y.O.U., Inc.
2018 WOW Event
on Saturday
in October 20th, 2018.

Look for details at a later date.
But you can start paying for your
tickets now!