Dr. Tunishai Ford
Discovering ... Your Own
Tunishai Ford, Founder and CEO
of Your Own Uniqueness, Inc.
Founded by Tunishai Ford, Your Own Uniqueness, Inc., is an organization that
connects, educates and supports women of all ages and backgrounds, and inspires
them to give back to their communities through mentorship, networking and volunteerism.
Through her desire to fulfill her purpose and help other women do the same, Tunishai has
nurtured a dream that is shaping lives. Your Own Uniqueness, Inc. is built on a passion to
inspire all women, and even in its infancy it has touched hundreds of women throughout
Metro Detroit. The direction the organization is headed is simply… empowering and
transforming lives.
Every cloud has a silver lining… Tunishai Ford is an example of a strong woman that turned her tragedy into a triumph. Tunishai is a
survivor of the fourth and last stage of Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  And she believes that it was caused by the bitterness and resentment
she was plagued with and not knowing how to forgive and let go of the past.  Because she was a victim of low-self esteem and often
experiencing rejection, she found herself in many toxic and co-dependent relationships. She found herself making wrong choices in
many areas of her life, therefore hindering her from reaching her full potential and living her dream to fulfill her calling. When she
overcame her insidious disease, she made up her mind that she was not going to allow anyone or anything to hinder her from
transforming her life and reaching her potential. She wanted to help other women to go through the same metamorphosis.

Tunishai wanted to create a forum for other women with similar pressures, low self-esteem, and uncertainty.
Your Own
Uniqueness, Inc.
began as a small conference and workshop entity connecting like-minded women. But she soon realized that it
had more potential.  There was still more that could be done. Today Tunishai leads an established non-profit organization (founded
in 2000) that includes professional development workshops, health awareness, and volunteerism for women and young girls,
financial growth, business guidance, networking and mentoring. It grounds women looking to build relationships, fosters women
looking to further themselves, and encourages women through the strength of paving it forward.

Tunishai is an extremely dedicated woman determined to continue her vision to inspire, empower and transform our community.
Her story and commitment to her cause is truly admirable. We are very excited to see what lies ahead in the next chapter for Your
Own Uniqueness, Inc., and we hope that the next chapter of this saga will include you becoming a member and supporter of this
awesome woman and her vision---which includes you Discovering….Your Own Uniqueness.  
Your Own Uniqueness, Inc is a non-
profit (501c3) tax exempt organization.