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Greetings to our sponsors,

Our on-line magazine,
Discovering You Magazine, launched on October 19, 2016.  The dream has
been in the forefront for many years after the hard work of building a vast subscription base with our
Inspirational Notes from Dr. Tunishai Ford and Friends, which has been in
publication since July of 2007.  It had been our dream to birth an online magazine that would excite
the areas that can transform the lives of people in every demographic area and lifestyle.

This magazine is unique because the articles will showcase  the lives of everyday people who have
triumph over adversities and are living their dreams and inspiring others to do the same; people who
are making a difference in our society, communities and homes;  providing a venue for outstanding
businesses  that cater to the needs of our communities and to showcase their wares and services;
and lastly giving you, our sponsors, an opportunity to support a publication that is dealing with every
social issue ---  spirit, mind and body as well as a unique opportunity to  support what really interests

We are offering a great opportunity for you (sponsor) to take advantage of the following:
        Be on the cover of our on-line magazine along with a featured article. ___
        Write an article in your area of interest and expertise (No cover included).___
        Receive a full-page ad for your business. ___
        Receive twelve full page adds (one per issue) ___
        Receive two full page ads, two half page ads. ___
        Four half page ads, twelve business card size ads. ___
        Half page ad (four issues). ___

Create your own package. We have several sponsor levels that you can choose from with the
number of options that you prefer.

Choose level and check your options.
$2500.00----choose six options.
$2000.00-----choose five options
$1500.00-----choose four options
$1000.00-----choose three options (cover presence, full page ad not included).
$ 500.00-----choose two items (cover presence, full page ad or featured story is not included).
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