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Discovering YOU Magazine—Advertising Packages
                           Advertising Packages

Full page ads packages
•        Buy four full size ads/ get three free-----$1000.00 (Great Deal)
•        Buy three full size ads/get two free-----$750.00
•        Buy two full size ads/ get one free----$500.00
•        Buy one full size ad/ get two  ½ page free---$350.00
•        Buy 12 full size ads --$2500 (Best deal ever)

Half page ads packages
•        Buy four ½ page ads/ get three free------$800.00
•        Buy three ½ page ads/ get two free------$600.00
•        Buy two ½ page ads/get one free-------$400.00
•        Buy one ½ page ad/ get two ¼ page free-----$200.00

Fourth page ads packages
•        Buy four ¼ page ads/ get three free-----$600.00
•        Buy three ¼ page ads/ get two free----$450.00
•        Buy two ¼ page ads/ get one free------$300.00
•        Buy one ¼ page ad/ get two business card size ads free----$150.00

Combo ads package
•        Four full size ads/ four ½ page ads/ four ¼ page ads-----$2500.00 good for one year advertising.
•        Three full size ads/ three ½ page ads/ six business card size ads ----$2000.00
•        Three full size ads/ two ½ page ads/ six business card size ads----$1500.00
•        Two full size ads/ one ½ page ad/ four business card size ads----$1000.00
•        One full size ad/ six business card size ads-----$500.00
  Five business card size ads---$300.00 (Great Deal)

Individual ads
•        One Full size ad----$250.00
•        One ½ size ad---$200.00
•        One ¼  size ad--$150.00
•        One Business card size ad---$75.00

All advertisements can include a link to your website for $100.00 more.

Special Note*
The prices for the ads are good for one year of advertising.  Ad prices are subject to change for the next
advertising year.  All contractual agreements are final and may not be altered when agreed upon by
Discovering You
and the advertising client.  
For more information about advertising with Discovering YOU Magazine,
Email us at discoveryoumag@gmail.com.