Dr. Tunishai Ford
Discovering ... Your
Own Uniqueness!
Your Own Uniqueness, Inc. is honored to
introduce the 2019 STEP-UP Program, which
which is a free, age appropriate,
comprehensive,innovative, and interactive
training and mentorship entrepreneurship
program for youth. The program is for
disadvantaged youth who live in the Detroit
tri-city region, Allen Park, Lincoln Park,
Southgate, Taylor and Inkster. The only
expense for each participant is a $35.00
registration fee. There is a selection process
which will be narrowed down to 35 to 40
participants from ages 13 to 18. We have just
completed our second year August 26th, 2019.
Your Own Uniqueness, Inc.
The  2019 STEP UP Program
Our 2019 STEP UP Program participants
attended with their friends and family.  It was
a wonderful turnout.
Pastor Philip Nissley of New Hope Assemblies of
God Church opened up the orientation with
prayer and a few words of inspiration and
exaltation for the participants.
Apostle Connie Foster and her catering
company provided a delicious lunch for our
attendees of the STEP UP Orientation.
Meet a few of the teacher from front to back left
to right: Toni Coleman, Director, Dr. Tunishai
Ford, Gloria Redmond, James Edwards,
Brandi Shelton, and Bayo Ogunbiyi.
There were a  few parents and a
sibling of some of our
2019 STEP UP participants.
Meet our STEP UP Program Participants for 2019.
From left to right, Dr. Zalonya Allen, the
Honorable Mayor Joseph G. Kuspa, and the
director of STEP UP, Dr. Tunishai Ford
We even had a visit from the mayor of Southgate,
the honorable Mayor Joseph G. Kuspa who
encouraged and inspired our participants.
Our Keynote speaker was Dr. Zalonya Allen
who gave an outstanding message
to our participants.
STEP UP Classes Began!
Mr. Brent Curry of Foresters
Financial taught business types,
legal documents needed to start a
business and business terms.
Ms. Tiffany Sweet of
Zeal Credit Union
taught on the
differences between a
Credit Union and Bank.
Workshop time with our participants.
Mr. Michael Cheatham
teaches financial tools
that would be necessary
for a successful business.
Mr. Bayo Ogunbiyi of Dream Core
Marketing taught pitching your
business, business marketing and
customer service.
Here are some of our participants presenting their assignments that our teachers
gave as part of their class lab and workshops.
The STEP UP Program
Our STEP UP participants are working together in groups to complete
an assignment on business.
We had a guest speaker,
Mr. Jimmy Elnousai from
BJ's Restaurant and
Brewhouse come and
speak to our participants
about how he got started as
a business owner.
Every Monday, the participants
had lunches provided by our
sponsors, BJ's Restaurant,
Tijuana's Mexican Kitchen,
Jets Pizza, Panera Bread,
Famous Dave's, Subways,
and Apostle Connie Foster
Just a few of our STEP UP Program
sponsors and more on the way who want
to support our kids through
the 2019 STEP UP Program.
Our 2018 STEP UP Program
participant, Mohammad Monet talk to
our 2019 participants about his wonder
experience and how it helped him with
create his businesses.
Our attendees included our students and their family and friends.
Dr. Ford opened up the Commencement with prayer and everyone had lunch provided by Connie Foster's Catering company.
Our participants  presented their vision boards and we had a few parents speak after our teachers.
Our participants received their certificates of completion and their business cases.